Thursday, April 26, 2012

About Historic Huntington Beach

   Huntington Beach is more than long sandy beaches, the wide open Pacific Ocean, and surfers (although, we admit, that's not so bad).  We have 9,000 years of pre history--an ancient culture that looked to the stars--and a modern history of ranchos, cattlemen, farmers, preachers, oil men, railroad tycoons, land barons and outlaws.  (See our sister blog, Historic Wintersburg - Huntington Beach to read Welcome to the Peatlands: Farmers, Preachers, Tycoons, Oil Men and Outlaws,

   Historic Huntington Beach invites you to visit with the locals, hear our stories, find out about our favorite places, eat at our best joints, and do a little time travel.  We'll visit sites on the HISTORIC WALKING TOUR, WILD PLACES (and by that, we mean nature), DISAPPEARING HUNTINGTON BEACH under the category "now where did that go? I know it was here a minute ago!" and PLACES WORTH A FEW MINUTES DRIVE.

   Welcome to Historic Huntington Beach!

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