Thursday, November 15, 2012

A look back -- 1915 Huntington Beach

ABOVE: Huntington Beach's Main Street, looking east from the Pacific Electric Railroad station on Ocean Avenue (Pacific Coast Highway), circa 1915.  Realty companies selling peat and sediment land on each corner of Main Street.  (Photo, University of Southern California Libraries)

ABOVE: Main Street, looking west toward the Pacific Ocean, circa 1915.  An unpaved weedy road, horse and wagon, and dogs in the middle of the street--not too worried about traffic. Note the Huntington Beach News on the right side of the street.  (Photo, University of Southern California Libraries)

ABOVE: Ocean Avenue looking north toward pier and Pacific Electric Railroad station, with PE tracks along the beach front, circa 1915. (Photo, University of Southern California Libraries)

ABOVE: Ocean Avenue looking south, toward Pacific Electric Railroad station, in the seaside community of Huntington Beach only six years after its incorporation. (Photo, University of Southern California Libraries)

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  1. One building in the first photo looks to be the old City Hall, which sadly is to be destroyed with only the facade kept according to this recent article:,0,3586019.story

  2. Yes, the original Pacific City Hall (predates the incorporation of Huntington Beach) would be on the first block of Main Street during this time. You can read about the history on this blog at We will be losing our original town hall, the "ground zero" of how Huntington Beach started, to demolition. Very sad.


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