Thursday, January 31, 2013

Overhead: A bird's-eye view of Historic Huntington Beach, 1938 - 1968

A "panorama" of Huntington Beach in 1938.  Arches over the intersection of Main Street and Ocean Avenue are visible, as is the saltwater plunge next to the pier.  Note the oil wells in the background. (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

A parade down Main Street, circa 1940s.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

A view of the old Civic Center in the downtown, circa 1940s.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

Huntington Beach State Beach, circa 1940s.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

Old Civic Center area off Main Street, prior to construction of the Main Street Library on Triangle Park, circa 1950.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

A view looking west to the developing Huntington Beach and the Pacific Ocean beaches in 1957.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

North side of Main Street, the clock tower of Huntington Beach High School can be seen in the upper right, circa 1960.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

Downtown Huntington Beach and the pier, circa 1968.  (Photo, City of Huntington Beach archives)

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  1. I love the blog, keep it up!

    Are there higher resolution photos of some of these from the original sources? One of these has a parcel of land on which I'm sitting at the moment, but I've always been curious what was here previously. I've learned bits and pieces from talking to neighbors, but a picture is worth a lot of words, as you know.

    By the way, one thing I've never been able to make sense of is why Huntington Street (where my home is now) has that name. Most of the other streets follow the letters going north and sort of follow letters going east from 1st, but Huntington stands alone.

    You probably don't know and OC seems to want to charge for parcel map history, but if you happen to know, please pass it along!

  2. Are there any original photos showing 710 Delaware St, Huntington St.?

    1. I have not found any yet, but will keep an eye out. There do not appear to be any photographs of Delaware Street in the City public archive. The first references found in city council minutes are circa 1948, regarding street improvements.


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